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                ANHUI JIN'AO CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

                Integrate product development, production and sales

                A comprehensive enterprise with the right to self-operate import and export operations


                At present mainly engaged in fine chemicals, intermediates, chemical additives and other products research and development and sales

                Customized products

                Anhui Jinao Chemical Co., Ltd.

                The quality of survival, to the credibility of development

                Anhui Jinao Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in Heifei, where is the Center of Science and Education in China, in Circular Economic Park, Hefei Chemical Base in Anhui. It is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of products, and it owns self-managerial import and export rights.
                The company owns a group of skilled management and R&D group, has independent R&D ability, advanced production equipment, perfect detecting techniques and quality assurance system...

                Anhui Jinao Chemical Co., Ltd.


                Strict management


                Quality of excellence


                Perfect and thoughtful service


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                Anhui Jinao Chemical Co., Ltd.

                ◇  Add: No. 760, South Ma’anshan Road, Baohe district, Hefei, Anhui, China

                ◇  Zip code: 230001

                ◇  Contact: Anna Zhang TEL: 86-551-63684118 QQ: 2851706371
                     WhatsApp&Wechat: 008613075595568

                ◇  Contact: Jean Dai TEL: 86-551-63684119 QQ: 2851706373
                     WhatsApp&Wechat: 008615155945699

                ◇  Fax: +86-551-63450361

                ◇  E-mail: jinao@ahjachem.com

                ◇  URL: www.jetblutique.com

                ◇  QQ: 2851706370

                CONTACT US

                Customer success

                is our success

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